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  • Free bankroll management is a true professional tipping company based in Singapore. Actively sourcing by 4 team specialist from Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China with huge underground networks all over Asia. Established during August 2013, we launched the first online website to extend our reach to the worldwide market of soccer punters.

Our team is currently one of the most influential and the only website to be providing consistently accurate soccer tips. We are publicly renowned & highly regarded as the most experienced and successful service provider in Asia with the genuine & proven winning strategy in soccer investment.

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BetsIntel guarantee every single tips credits purchased to be winners, and nothing but winners! Should the results of any tips ended in draw or lose, the tips credits will not be deducted from your account. Your tips credits are only deducted for each winning tips you received from us.

Unlike other soccer tips websites or punters, BetsIntel do not amend or change our results. BetsIntel believe that in any business, honesty & integrity are important aspects. In beginning year of 2014, we had joined a monitoring company With all the previous prediction tracked records remove we would like to announce BetsIntel as a new tipster with a new monitored records but maintain the consistency and reliability.


We do not encourage gambling but instead, as mentioned, treat soccer betting as a careful and disciplined investment. Our winning model does not depend on a single event or match but rather, on a long- term basis in assurance to make soccer betting a secondary income. If you are a gambler who enjoys taking risk and are willing to place all your stakes on one single high payoff game, then sadly, we do not suggest that you recommend BetsIntel to anyone who falls into this category.